Company Profile

26 years ago, 3 good friends, Mr Lim Chun Yow, Mr Tan See Khim and Mr Hey Shiow Hoe set up a plastic bag manufacturing partnership, known as Lam Guan Plastic Industries on 1st April 1990 in Batu Pahat. In evolving to qualify for the Malaysian Government's Reinvestment Allowance incentive, BP Plastics Sdn. Bhd. ("BPPLAS") was incorporated to take over the entire operations in 1991.

After 15 years of relentless hard work and with the strong support from its esteemed customers, employees, business partners, stakeholders, shareholders, families and friends, BP Plastics Holding Berhad was incorporated on 9th March 2004 as the holding company of BPPLAS, and was successfully listed under the Industrial Sector of the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on 23rd February 2005.

Since its public listing, BPPLAS' turnover has grown from RM122 million in FY2004 to RM283.5 million in FY2015. Today, BPPLAS is one of the largest Polyethylene (PE) Film manufacturers in Asian Region, supplying Cast Stretch and Blown Shrink films, and other PE packaging films and bags, stretching its presence to 54 countries. BPPLAS exports almost 80% of its products mainly to the Asian, Middle East and European region countries.

Located in the Sri Gading Industrial Estate of Batu Pahat in Johor, BPPLAS has a combined land size of 15.5 acres, and operates at 2 manufacturing locations within the same vicinity with a total built-up area of 295,000 square feet. With the successful start-up of its 5th Cast Stretch Film production line, BPPLAS has a combined name plate production capacity of 6,500 metric tons per month. BPPLAS is now capable of producing more than 150 metric tons of PE Film products to meet its worldwide customers' demand every single day, with more room to grow.

By converging the world’s best machinery and equipment together with the world's best resins, and supported by its own in-house research and innovation capabilities, BPPLAS is able to produce innovative strong and thin gauge Cast Stretch film products such as "Infinity", “R-Edge”, "Clarity", "Priority" and "Hill Plus" to cater to a wide array of customers' needs and requirements.

In addition to ISO9001, BPPLAS is also an ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certified PE Film manufacturer. BPPLAS has embraced the 5Ss and 3Rs at its core operations, and strongly believes that through its' inculcation of the principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in its daily operations, it can extend and prolong the precious limited natural resources for the use of future generations. BPPLAS has also put in place an effective recycle management system to efficiently manage all the wastes produced. Recycling helps to lower production costs, maintains competitiveness and keep the environment clean as well.

BPPLAS will continue to innovate and produce more sophisticated and cost competitive high quality packaging products for its customers worldwide and also seeks out business opportunities to further expand its growth and enhance its market position as a key plastics packaging supplier of choice in the Asian Region.

BPPLAS would like to continue to grow its business with ALL OF YOU!