Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility
BPPLAS is determined to build a sustainable polyethylene (PE) film packaging business by balancing our economic goals with social and environmental responsibilities.

PE film is a versatile, light weight, economical and fully recyclable product which can help companies to improve their products' safety protection and shelf life. BPPLAS believes that recycling is the best option to sustain and conserve resources for our future generation. Our corporate philosophy is adhering to the 3R concepts of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We will reprocess and reclaim our internal generated scraps and reuse them for suitable industrial packaging film application.

BPPLAS will continue to engage in research and development to produce innovative new products. For example, we are already manufacturing lighter and thinner but more durable PE film such as the ultra thin 12 microns stretch film branded as Infinity. It not only reduces our customers' total packaging usage by up to 20% but helps to conserve scarce resources for future generations through responsible usage. BPPLAS, which has been certified with ISO 14001:2004 EMS, is committed to operate under stringent international environmental framework. We will ensure that all residual scheduled waste are properly stored and disposed by responsible licensed contractors. We also urge our stakeholders to supply non-hazardous product to mitigate environmental contamination.
Safety is our top priority at work. We strive to improve our workplace to ensure that all our employees and stakeholders safety and health are duly protected. BPPLAS is certified with OSHAS 18001:2007 certification. Company-wide survey is conducted according to schedule so we can enhance on our employees' working environment. On-job training and coaching are constantly conducted to improve our employees' competency and capability. Open communication is practised within the organization for continuous improvement.
BPPLAS considers education as the focus of our community services. Over the years, BPPLAS has co-opted university students for industrial training. We are also actively involved and have participated in Batu Pahat district community's fund raising activities every year to provide financial assistance to needy patients, the poor, bright but under-privileged students and various community projects. In addition, BPPLAS will also actively promote the 3-R concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to various schools in Batu Pahat to inculcate environmental awareness among our young and bright students.

BPPLAS is committed to upholding the tradition of transparency, integrity and accountability to all our investors, shareholders and stakeholders. One of our initiatives is to improve the company's internal communication. We have invested RM2 million for advanced enterprise resources planning, which will transform BPPLAS into an open, agile and transparent organization. This will further enhance the company's ability to create value through the improvement of our operation, production and market efficiency.

Although our CSR activities are still at its infancy stage, we envision that our initiatives and efforts will be evident across the company and industry in the coming years. We want to be seen as a group that is leading the plastic manufacturing industry as well as a company that engages effectively with our stakeholders and the less fortunate in our community.