Stretch Film Division

BPPLAS machine roll - PRIORITY ® is a reliable stretch film designed for use on fully automated wrapping machine.

Made from high quality properties, it is much stronger and can be stretched longer without compromising on puncture resistance and dart impact figure. Its excellent puncture resistance, making it the best choice for securing heavy loads and loose items on a pallet for logistics and warehousing purposes.

BPPLAS machine roll - PRIORITY ® comes with 17mic and 23mic in 500mm width. Our standard packing is 75 cartons per pallet for easy transportation.

  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • Higher tensile strength
  • Durable to use on various stretch wrapping machine with different pre-stretch % up to 300%*
  • Low noise
  • Good cling after pre-stretch

* Note: We do not warranty product application under any circumstances. Dealers / Distributors / Users are to be responsible for ensuring or advised to seek proper consultation on the suitability of grade of machine roll to be used on real application.