Machinery And Facilities

BPPLAS currently occupies 10 blocks of factory premises at 2 separate sites in Sri Gading Industrial Estate in Batu Pahat, Johor. With a total built-up areas of more than 295,000 square feet on a land area of 15.5 acres housing more than 80 units of production machineries, BPPLAS is one of the largest ISO 9001:2000 certified industrial blown film and cast stretch film producers in Asia.


BPPLAS started expanding and investing in technical and knowledge-based plastic processing equipment since 2000. We strongly believe in technological advancement and BPPLAS today is well-equipped with state-of-the-art multi-layer cast stretch film production facility from USA that allows us to be a high quality producer.

  • Multilayer Technology
  • Gravimetric Feeding & Blending System
  • Superior Extruders with Temperature Control & Homogeneous Melt
  • Multi Layers Feedblock / Die Technology
  • Durable & Versatile High Speed Casting Unit
  • Automatic Thickness Control Die With Radiation Sources Gauge Scanner
  • High Speed Winder with Robotic Rolls Handling System
  • All Integrated Process Control by Computerised System
  • Higher Speed Converting Rewinder to Hand Roll


BPPLAS is equipped with mono and co-extrusion extruders which can produce wide range of products from simple polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) plastic films to complex structure co-extrusion films. By blending and dosing different grades of advance metallocene resins, BPPLAS can produce blown films that when applied will improve the quality, integrity and/or shelf life of packaging products. We are capable of producing films with the circumferences of 150mm to 8000mm. Our blown film co-extrusion systems from Germany and USA also come with oscillating haul off unit, chilled air bubble cooling, auto profile thickness gauge controlled, corona treatment and auto tension controlled winding system.

We are also equipped with a range of rotogravure printing machine which is able to print up to 8 colour precision pictures and a flexographic printing machine which can print up to 6 different colours.

Meanwhile, our bag-making machines are based on European technology capable of producing an array of bags, including side-sealing, hole-punching, perforated, double sealed and hanger bags.