Stretch Film Division

Plain and Coloured Cast Stretch Film

BPPLAS PLAIN AND COLOURED STRETCH FILM provides flexibility in packing and securing loose items. With a length of between 300m and 500m and four different widths of 250mm, 300mm, 450mm and 500 mm, this light-weight stretch film provides value for money.

Features of BPPLAS Stretch Film:

1. Able to wound on 1",1.5", 2", 2.5",3" and extended core.
2. Multilayer structure creates good bonding effect.
3. Produce by USA state-of-art cast unit.
4. Good thickness profile and puncture resistance.
5. Superior optics and low noise during unwind.
6. Customise color is available upon request. (Min order apply)
7. Materials are RoSH compliance.

Benefit of BPPLAS Stretch Film:

1. Offer flexibility and mobility in compact workplace.
2. Require minimum manual wrapping strength.
3. Prefect loads security.
4. Easy and simple wrapping procedures apply.
5. Clear identification by colour.