Industrial Packaging Division

Printed FFS (Form - Fill - Seal) Film

BPPLAS printed and plain Form - Fill - Seal (FFS) film can be classified into 2 categories:
  • Heavy duty
    • Application: For cooking oil, ice, powder form, beverage and liquid product more than 1 kilo.
  • Light duty
    • Application: For light products such as toiletries (tissue roll), small packages.
Multiple layers technology provides flexibility to select different grade resins to enhance product properties to meet customer requirements. BPPLAS printed and plain Form - Fill - Seal (FFS) film is designed,
  • To achieve superior performance
    • Improvement of mechanical, physical, optical properties
    • Improvement of converting steps as welding and sealing
    • Enhancement of production capacities to get higher speed
  • CORONA TREATMENT (>38 dynes - 40~42)
  • BHT FREE (to avoid the film turning yellowish)
BPPLAS printed and plain Form - Fill - Seal (FFS) film comes with some features of,
  • Good HITS - Strength of heat seal measured before the seal is cooled, which is very important for high-speed packaging operations.
  • Good and even thickness profile to ensure balance sealing pressure and package security when handling.
  • Right COF - coefficient of friction, a measurement of "slipperiness" of plastic films.