Stretch Film Division

R-Edge TM is a premium cast stretch film with a reinforced film edge to give unparalleled film performance experience.

Advantages of R-Edge:
  • Strong polymer materials give strong puncture resistance
    A combined selection of good PE grades and in-house technical expertise creating a thin film yet it comes with superior film performance.
  • Good Clarity
    Combined with good machine processes, R-Edge TM has good clarity for wrapped good identification.
  • Strong grip all over the wrapped product
    R-Edge enhances the grip of film all over the product with its strong edge grip.
  • Eco Friendly
    Thin gauge film means less film being used and being recycled. Environmentally friendly and cost saving.

Size recommendations:
08um x 500mm x 600m
10um x 500mm x 500m
12um x 500mm x 400m
*Final product width is 480mm