Date Media Headline
11/08/2020 Chinapress BP Plastics 2ND Quarter Net Profit Rose by 87%
10/08/2020 The Star BP Plastics Delivers Best Ever Q2 Profit
16/05/2020 Nanyang Siang Pau BP Plastics 1st Quarter Net Profit Rose by 41%
03/08/2018 Nanyang Siang Pau BP Plastics 2nd Quarter Net Profit Doubled Up
02/06/2018 Oriental Daily News BPPLAS Sustaining Revenue Growth in FY 2017
19/11/2016 The Edge Companies in the News
04/04/2016 The Star BP Plastics Eyes Double-Digit Sales Growth with New Machine
15/02/2016 The Star Bursa Highlights
18/01/2016 Malay Mail TPP will Boost Export of Plastic Products
30/12/2015 The Star BP Plastics Surges to All Time High of RM1.82
14/09/2015 Nanyang Siang Pau BP Plastics Investment in New Equipment
14/09/2015 The Star BP Plastics ups Production with New Equipment
24/08/2015 The Edge Stock with Momentum: BP Plastics
07/08/2015 The Edge Stock with Momentum: BP Plastics Holding
03/08/2015 The Edge Stock with Momentum: BP Plastics Holding
09/04/2015 The Edge Insider Asia's Stock of the Day: BPP
01/12/2014 The Edge Financial Daily BP Plastics to boost capacity ahead of demand
30/05/2012 The Star BP Plastics Banks on Packaging Markets in Asia
15/06/2009 The Edge Malaysia BP Plastics Sees Opportunity in Volatility
15/06/2009 Sin Chew Daily BPPLAS - Being Discreet & Flexible
01/06/2009 The Malaysian Reserve BP Plastics Sees Orders Up 20% in 1Q
28/05/2009 Utusan Malaysia BPPLAS Tingkatkan Pengeluaran 2 Produk
27/05/2009 New Straits Times BP Plastics Plans To Give Consistent Dividends
27/05/2009 Nanyang Siang Pau BPPLAS Q1 Net Profit Slump 25pc
09/10/2008 Oriental Daily News BPPLAS
02/09/2008 The Star BP Plastics Goes High-Tech
25/08/2008 Kwong Wah Yit Poh BPPLAS Gross Profit is RM 9.62mil
24/08/2008 Oriental Daily News BPPLAS Profit Up 28pc
23/08/2008 Nanyang Siang Pau BPPLAS Profit Raised 30pc
03/07/2008 The Star Plastic Makers Act to Mitigate Surging Costs
11/06/2008 The Star BPPLAS Still Bullish Despite High Fuel Cost
11/06/2008 Sin Chew Daily BPPLAS may Resist Impact of High Cost
11/06/2008 Oriental Daily News BPPLAS Did Exepenses Had Rise
11/06/2008 Nanyang Siang Pau BPPLAS Plans to Shift Cost
11/06/2008 New Straits Times BP Plastics Bigger Plant Capacity will Fuel Profit
11/06/2008 Malaysian Reserve BP Plastics Expects a Better FY08 Despite Rising Cost
11/06/2008 Berita Harian BPPLAS Umum Harga Baru Produk
10/06/2008 New Straits Times Stocking up Pays off for BP Plastics
09/06/2008 Sin Chew Daily BPPLAS has been Underestimated
09/06/2008 The Edge Financial Daily BP Plastics Banks on Exports to Sustain Performance
05/06/2008 Oriental Daily News BPPLAS
04/06/2008 Utusan Malaysia Perolehan BPPLAS Naik 66%
19/05/2008 The Star Coping with Rising Cost
28/04/2008 The Star BPPLAS Poised for Better Results