Date Headline
11/08/2020 BPPLAS – Sustained Resilience and Outstanding Performance in FY2019
29/05/2019 BPPLAS- Higher Profitability on Improved Operational Efficiencies in FY2018
31/05/2018 BPPLAS Sustaining Revenue Growth in FY 2017
26/05/2017 BPPLAS Recorded Highest Ever Annual Revenue of RM324.36 million in FY 2016
20/05/2016 BPPLAS Profit After Tax (“PAT”) surges 116.8% to RM 21.83 million in FY 2015
22/05/2015 BPPLAS achieved the highest Revenue of RM283.96 Million in FY2014
23/05/2014 BP Plastics Group Delivered Profit After Tax of RM10.1 Million for Yr 2013
29/05/2013 BP Plastics Delivered Profit After Tax from RM15.5 Million in FY2011 to RM9.7 Million in FY2012
28/05/2012 BP Plastics Delivered Profit After Tax of RM15.5 Million in FY2011
23/05/2011 BPPLAS Achieved Improved Profit After Tax of RM17.1 Million for Yr 2010
19/08/2009 BP Plastics 2nd Quarter 2009 Results
26/05/2009 BP Plastics Holding to Offer Consistent Dividends Up to 40%
20/02/2009 Main Board BP Plastics Reports Cumulative Revenue of RM 233.34mil
24/11/2008 Main Board BP Plastics Reports Third Quarter 2008 Revenues Up 11.5%
25/08/2008 BP Plastics Holding Bhd setting benchmark for manufacturing industry
10/06/2008 BP Plastics Holding Bhd Annual General Meeting for Financial Year 2007
30/05/2008 BP Plastics Holding Bhd First Quarter 2008 Net Profit Jump 198%