Coloured & Plain Stretch Film

Customisable to suit different needs and applications

We provide OEM for your brands. Our light-weight stretch films are available in different colours, film sizes, grades, and paper core sizes depend on your needs and requirements, subject to minimum order.

We also produce super thick stretch film (40mic – 70mic) that is commonly used to provide excellent protection for heavy duty application, for example in paper industry.

Features of BPPLAS stretch film:

  • Multilayer structure creates good bonding effect.
  • Good thickness profile and puncture resistance.
  • Superior optics and low noise during unwind.
  • Films produced by state-of-art cast unit using materials that are RoSH compliance.

Benefit of BPPLAS stretch film:

  • Offer flexibility and mobility in compact workplace.
  • Require minimum manual wrapping strength.
  • Prefect loads security.
  • Easy and simple wrapping procedures.
  • Clear identification by colour.

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