Form-Fill Seal


Our printed or plain FFS film can be specially made for different packing needs and applications, including for

  • heavy duty, e.g. cooking oil, sugar, ice, powder, liquid.
  • light duty, e.g. toiletries (tissue rolls) and small packages.

 It comes with features of:

  • Good SIT – Strength of heat seal measured before the seal is cooled, which is very important for high-speed packaging operations
  • Good and even thickness profile – Important to ensure balance sealing pressure and package security when handling
  • Right coefficient of friction (COF) – A measurement of “slipperiness” of plastic films

Our FFS film is designed

  • With multiple layers technology that provides flexibility to select different grade resins to enhance product properties for different customer requirements
  • To achieve superior performance
    • Improvement of mechanical, physical, optical properties
    • Improvement of converting steps as welding and sealing
    • Enhancement of production capacities to get higher speed
  • Corona treatment (>38 dynes – 40~42)
  • Material that are approved by FDA
  • BHT Free (to avoid the film turning yellowish)

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