PE Film For General Use

Our range of variaties

We produce a wide variety of plastics products for various industrial packaging applications, using raw materials LLDPE, LDPE, mLLDPE & HDPE. 

Customisation available to suit different requirements, including for the forms of products (e.g. sheet, tubing, sheeting, bag, roll), colours and printing options.

The main use of the films is to protect goods (cargoes, luggage, furniture, mattress, sofa) from dust and moisture during storage and transportation. Some of the industrial packaging applications include:

  • pallet top cover, pallet cover bag, tote liner
  • perforated sheet/bag in rolls
  • air cargo sheet/bag
  • builder film – they are used to prevent moisture from seeping into the ground during a construction project as they are designed to give permanent moisture protection against ground water penetration into concrete slabs. They can also be used as ground cover membranes over damp sub floors in suspended timber floor construction, as a concrete underlay or as a curing blanket.

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