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Stock With Momentum: BP Plastics Holding

Shares of BP Plastics (Fundamental: 2.5/3, Valuation: 1.4/3) have risen by 33.9% since it was first recommended by InsiderAsia last November.

The company is likely seen as a beneficiary of falling crude oil prices which will translate into lower cost of raw material. For 1Q2015, despite a 7.7% y-o-y decline in revenue to RM66.8 million, net profit grew 7.3% to RM3.4 million, boosted by lower resin costs.

One of the largest polyethylene (PE) film manufacturers in Asia, BP Plastics supplies stretch films, shrink films and other PE packaging films and bags to 51 countries. Export accounted for some 78% of sales in 2014.

It has a debt-free balance sheet with net cash of RM58.5 million at end-March, or 29.7% of its market capitalisation.

BP Plastics pays dividends consistently. Dividend for 2014 totalled 6 sen per share, giving an above-market yield of 5.6%. Last month, it paid a special dividend of 2 sen for 2015.